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Team Ulysses

The company was founded and registered in July 2001 in Calcutta, India, with the Registered Company Office being in Calcutta, India. However, although the city office is in India, the spirit, ethics, and nature of the firm is very western, and global in essence. The name Ulysses for instance is Greek mythological, and metaphorizes the objectives of this firm well.

Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey is the Greek mythological story of the principal character Odysseus, otherwise known as Ulysses, the king of the then Greek Kingdom of Ithaca. The story begins with Ulysses’ journey to successfully destroy the city of Troy and win the Trojan War for the Achaeans giving them freedom and peace. However, due to the punishment of a god, for blinding a person Ulysses was stranded on his return journey, and the story entails his trials, troubles and tribulations through his rather struggled journey back home. Ulysses was epitomized as the model benign, courageous, gentle, spiritual, just and wise king who wished for and delivered happiness and peace for his kingdom.

Though the legacy of the Odyssey was created and written some 2,700 years ago, the virtues that the character of Odysseus or Ulysses embodied are very real and apt even in today’s more materialistic globally better knit world. The name Ulysses is therefore chosen for the name of the pharmaceutical company and the holding group company to embody and deliver along the same principals and strength of character as portrayed in the legacy of the Odyssey, happiness and peace through the alleviation of human suffering, which is the mission of this firm.

In the context of the pharmaceutical world globally, it is interesting to note the growth of the natural medicines’ and alternative medicines’ market and the war of drugs so to speak between modern medicine and all its alternatives. The objective and goals of Ulysses Pharmaceuticals is to enter the war and win it for the entire school of alternative medicines globally with the same sense of justice, courage, wisdom and vision as Ulysses in the Odyssey, bringing peace, justice and happiness for all the suffering humanity in the process.

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